Kaweco Sport – jetzt auch als Kolbenfüllhalter

Kaweco’s history goes back to the year 1883. Over the course of time, there have been many different systems for filling a fountain pen. While ink cartridges are the most common today, the piston mechanism allows the ink to be drawn directly from the glass into the integrated ink chamber of the fountain pen. This makes ink cartridges obsolete.

In a fast-paced and hectic world, the piston fountain pen offers the opportunity to slow down and see the world from a different perspective.The precise filling of the writing instrument via an ink bottle is quickly celebrated as a ritual and is an essential part of an unrivalled writing experience for all frequent writers.

Barock is back

The production of the first ink glasses has been running for a few days. These can be admired and bought in our shop.

A special colour selection awaits the Dresden customers.

From navy blue to jade green and bordeaux, six fountain pen inks are currently available.

We owe this to the Dresden entrepreneur Gunther Lange and his employees from the company Octopus GmbH & Co. KG.

Montblanc – Vincent van Gogh – Tinte

Montblanc - van Gogh - Tinte

Montblanc wird im Laufe des Jahres unterschiedliche Produkte zum Thema “Vincent van Gogh” herausbringen. Jetzt bei uns eingetroffen ist das wunderschöne Tintenfass – die Tinte ist farblich ein dunkles Petrol.

Freuen können Sie sich auf u.a. auf Füllhalter als limitierte Editionen.