Montblanc – Ferrari – Edition

Montblanc - Ferrari - Füllhalter - Kappe

„Se puoi sognarlo, puoi farlo.“ (If you can dream it, you can do it.) ENZO FERRARI

Montblanc - Enzo Ferrari

Enzo Ferrari is one of the most important personalities in motorsport. The legendary pioneer founded the car brand that bears his name, creating one of the most famous brands in the world. A rebellious designer, he was characterised by a relentless passion and a quest for innovation – only surpassed by his will to win.


Each pen in this collection is inspired by the streamlined silhouette of the legendary Ferrari 125-S – carefully contoured and elegant, much like the curved, organic lines of the car.

Montblanc - Ferrari - Füllhalter

Every detail of the pen has been designed to evoke the achievements and personality of this pioneer of speed and engineering.

Gmund – Cubes mit Kultstatus!

GMUND - Cubes

Cubes with cult status! In the new design, we bring the colour blocking trend directly to your desk. The notepad in two perfectly harmonising colours. Sheet after sheet of fine natural paper with a matt surface structure. For leaving, attaching or simply as a trendy splash of colour. The cubes are reversible and can therefore be used from both sides. Packed in a sophisticated die-cut packaging that is completely plastic-free. The notepad for the whole year!

Gmund - Pocket Pad

Gmund Pocket Pad – lime green – Always ready to hand and in new trend colours! The rounded corners make the Pocket smart and distinctive. In addition to the handy size and the appealing design, it convinces with its sophisticated details. Pocket for business cards, elastic band and space for notes. The cover is adorned with the Gmund coat of arms.

GMUND - Cloud

Gmund “Cloud” – Your data is safe here. This notepad made of Gmund Colors papers is the perfect storage space for analogue communication. The Gmund Cloud offers space for thoughts, dreams, ideas and castles in the air on 35 punched pad sheets 😉

Pelikan – classic M200 – pastell-green

Pelikan - Füllhalter M200 - Pastell-Grün

Pelikan offers a nice entry into the worlds of piston fountain pens with the M200. The M200 is a loyal and reliable everyday companion that not only works but also looks good. The Pelikan is available in different colours.

Pelikan M200 - Pastell-Grün - Etui





To match the piston fountain pen, Pelikan has a wonderful variety and colour brilliance with its “Edelstein” ink collection. Anyone who wants to will find the right colour to match their outfit. Definitely.

Pelikan - Tinte Edelstein - Sapphire