Caran d’Ache + Klein Blue – Limitierte Edition – Ultramarinblau

Caran d'Ache - Limitiert - Klein Blau - alle Schreibgeräte

Caran d’Ache + Klein Blue® – Limited Edition – A complete collection of writing and drawing instruments in infinite ultramarine blue

Caran d'Ache - Limitiert - Klein Blau - Leman Füllhalter

The unprecedented Caran d’Ache + Klein Blue® collection presents art in its purest form. Combining the color expertise of the Maison with the unique savoir-faire of dedicated craftsmen, Caran d’Ache pays tribute to one of the most impressive artists of its generation: Yves Klein.

Caran d'Ache - Limitiert - Klein Blau - 849 Kugelschreiber

Klein cultivates forms of expression. He writes with a pen or ballpoint pen to embellish his work, publish books and articles. He draws with pen or graphite to decorate his travel notebooks with sketches. As a result, no fewer than seven cult products of the Maison have been reworked and combined into a unique limited collection.

Sharp nib calligraphy – with fountain pen or stylus to create an expressive lettering

Kalligrafie - Spitzfeder - Cover

When you see handwritten texts like this, you often hear from customers: “…I would like to be able to write so beautifully…”. Of course, this is also due to the fountain pen and its nib. However, a little guidance can’t hurt.

Spitzfeder-Kalligrafie - Stile

For all those who would like to dedicate themselves to the topic of beautiful and expressive lettering, we now have an interesting book on the topic of pointed nib calligraphy from the publisher Hermann Schmidt. In this book you will find instructions on how to lay the foundation with elementary forms and clear rules.Kalligrafie - Schriftprobe

Stefanie Weigel is a master of her trade and will guide you through the book. She will guide you step by step to a systematic which you can implement relatively easily. However, you will not be spared the point of practicing and training with your own fountain pen or stylus. After all, you want to get your handwriting into shape.

Caran’d’Ache – Lalique – Edition BLACK CRYSTAL

Caran'd'Ache - Edition Lalique
Caran’d’Ache – Edition Lalique Black CRYSTAL

Der Körper ist aus schwarzer Keramik und mit dem Coutard-Motiv verziert. Die Tropfen werden reliefartig auf den Stift aufgetragen, als ob er seine Linien punktieren würde. Ein Cabochon aus Lalique Kristall befindet sich auf den Schreibgeräten und bildet einen markanten Kontrast zwischen den satinierten und polierten Oberflächen.
Black Crystal: Eine limitierte Auflage von 999 Füllhaltern und 999 Rollhaltern.