Montblanc is more than 110 years on the market and has become a well-known producer for culture of writing and superior craftsmanship. With their writing instruments, they represent their entitlement of highest quality and reliability.

With Montblanc‘s masterpiece, which was in 1924 for the first time produced, they defined the classical fountain pen. In this series you can find all other writing technics as well, like pencil or ball pen.

Montblanc is also known for its modern interpretation of writing culture. Models like Starwalker and the feminine line Muses show how they define modern writing instruments.

Unique moments demand sometimes a unique writing instrument. Montblanc dedicates their Writers‑Edition and the series Patron of Art to an exclusive collection of artists and characters. These limited editions combine the superior craftsmanship and the essence of the theme in beautiful writing instruments.

Beside the extensive set of writing instruments, Montblanc is offering much more in addition to writing culture and its overall context: a rich collection of leather goods, accessories for the office and elegant cufflinks are only a few examples of whole portfolio.

More information regarding writing instruments and accessories of Montblanc are available on their website.