Lamy Tinte “crystal ink”

With crystal ink, Lamy is adding a range of extremely attractive coloured inks to its ink range. Ten brilliant colours add a new dimension to the fascination of fountain pen writing. The carefully composed ink colours underline the individual character of each document. At the same time, they invite you to work creatively with colour as a medium and set creative accents in an unprecedented form. The crystal ink inks from Lamy are of course “Made in Germany”. As nuanced further developments of the standard colours and as independent chromatic colours with a reservedly appealing colour palette, they promise an extraordinarily high colour intensity and product quality when used.

Crystal ink” is available in the following colours: RUBY 220, RHODONITE 260, BERYL 270, AZURITE 360, BENITOITE 380 (document proof), PERIDOT 420, AMAZONITE 470, TOPAZ 500, OBSIDIAN 660 and AGATE 690.