Otto Hutt

One of a kind. Based of tradition.

For many decades, the fate of the Otto Hutt company was in the hands of the Hutt family – first founded in 1920 by Karl Hutt, later successfully continued for a long time by his son Otto, to whom the brand owes its name to this day. As a resident of Pforzheim – the “gold city” – Karl Hutt transferred the idea of the Bauhaus style to new products and founded a company for pocket consumer goods and fine fountain pens made of silver.

In the 1960s, he handed over the management to his son Otto Hutt, who further expanded the company and successfully asserted himself in the national and international market. Later, Robert E.Huber GmbH succeeded Otto Hutt with managing director Marco Frei, carefully revised the product portfolio and successfully developed the existing manufacturing processes. To this day, the outstanding competence of the company in terms of craftsmanship and technical precision is one of the pillars of the worldwide excellent reputation of products made by Otto Hutt.

Otto Hutt is thus one of the few German manufacturers who have been successfully producing joinery equipment in Germany for 100 years.

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Otto-Hutt - 100 Jahre