KaWeCo was founded in 1883 in Heidelberger as fountain-pen-factory. The production started with safety-fountain-pens, which allowed to turn in and out the nip in the shaft for writing. It was potentially the first German producer of this system. Beside this specific fountain pen, the collection contained also other fountain pens, as well as pencils, ink und accessories.

To produce own gold-nips was started in in the 1920th and was quite successful. The manufacturing of piston-fountain-pens was initiated in the early 1930th. For the Olympic Games in Munich in 1972 KaWeCo presented the „KaWeCo Sport“ with a special Olympic coin.

After some economical turbulences the brand KaWeCo was bought in 1995 by h & m gutberlet GmbH. At the same time the “Sport”-line was developed based on the original style of the 1930th.

The quality of good objects is tangible with all senses in the writing instruments of KaWeCo. The designs are mainly from a good old time, where clock’s ticked slower and craftsmanship a great tradition had. All what customers have valued of KaWeCo in the past has been transported in today’s products and improved.

Meanwhile fountain pens are available in Germany, Europe and worldwide. That means you will find local support for your pens when you are on a journey or the gift is send to another country.

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