Pelikan: more than 175 years of experience und history of “Made in Germany”. Many people know Pelikan from their school fountain pen. But Pelikan is offering so much more writing instruments and especially piston fountain pens.

The piston fountain pen Souverän M400 is since 1950 the ensign for Pelikan. The look with its green and black strips has created a distinctive design for this fountain pen and Pelikan worldwide. It is also the base model for the manual engraved fountain pen Toledo, with its embodiment of the art of damaszting.

Pelikan has with its tradition many good virtues like quality, reliability and functioning preserved and combined in its writing instruments. This is perfectly transported by Pelikan also in their modern series of writing instruments like the series of Epoch and Pura.

The fountain pens of Pelikan can accompany you your whole life: from school, over your studies and during your business career. It doesn’t matter where you are. A reliable fountain pen is always welcome.

You would like to know more about Pelikan and piston fountain pens? Please have a look on their homepage.