Lamy is an independent family-owned enterprise located in Heidelberg, which was founded in 1930. They profess since the foundation to their location and guaranty in that way constantly the quality of „Made in Germany “.

The brand LAMY is worldwide known for designing writing instruments of timeless and modern aesthetics and perfect functionality. Lamy’s success story started 50 years ago with the model LAMY 2000: it defined in 1966 the clear, distinctive shape, which is still characteristic for all product of the bran – the Lamy design.

Lamy tries to offer individual writing instruments for each user group. Therefore, you can find fountain pens for school kids, ball pens for business people and yearly special editions with technical feature. Lamy is creating consistently new trends for writing-enthusiastic all over the world with innovative colours and surfaces.

Through this process, Lamy is re-creating them self, so that a writing instrument is more than an article of daily use: a real-life style accessory, that is expressing the passion and joy of writing by hand and the individuality of its owner emphasizes.

Left-hander and fountain pens are a story of its own. Lamy is one of producer which can offer for some fountain pens nips especially for left-hander.

More details about Lamy and its writing instruments will you find on their homepage.