fountain pen

To write with a feather is possibly the most beautiful way of writing, which is today still modern. Fountain pens are therefore a constant attendant in our workday life; from school, over studying, up to our professional life. When choosing the right pen, you should know a few points and consider them.

the material of the feather

The main distinction is done between nips made of steal and gold. The choice needs to be orientated on the planed application range and on the requested writing comfort. One basic rule is “gold-nips are always softer and more pleasant to write than steal-nips”.

the line width of the nip

Each producer offers for his fountain pens different widths of the nip. Typically, these are fine, medium and broad, at which medium is the most common one for Europeans. Fountain pens with very fine or broad nips can mostly only be found as gold-nips. Which line width will fit for you can be seen at the size of your small letter writing. Because they should always be readable afterwards.

cartridge / converter / piston mechanic

Depending on the way fountain pens are build, they can be filled in different ways. On the one hand we have the cartridge fountain pens. Normally it will be refilled via a cartridge, which can be found in some different colours. Many producers offer for their pens also converters, which is some kind of a re-usable cartridge and can be filled on an ink glass.

On the other hand, we have the piston fountain pen. This one will only be refilled on an ink glass. Therefore, you will have a much higher ink volume than a standard cartridge. Also gives the ink glass you the wides range of colour to choose from.