Namiki the surename of Ryosuke Namiki, the founder of Namiki Manufacturing Company. Since 1938 is Namiki part of the Pilot Pen Co., Ltd.

Namiki’s premium series of wrting instrumentscontains the lines of Emperor, Yukari Royale, and Yukari. These brands are used to present these high-class writing instruments independently. This can be a bit irritating.

Fountain pens of Namiki and Pilot are sharing the same ink cartridge, which is available in different colours. Ink-converters are available as well. This allows you to refill the fountain pen also from ink glass and gives you much more flexibility for colours and producers.

The curved Namiki ink glass has inside a recess to stabilize the nip during the refill procedure. It also consolidates the ink in the lowest point so that you can use the ink until the last drop.

Hand-forged gold-nips are perhaps the main distinguishing mark of Namiki. Nearly no other producer is practicing such an effort in producing the core of a fountain pen: the gold‑nip. The nips can be manufactured as individual constructions based on the requirements and the analysis of the customer.

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