Graf von Faber-Castell

Faber Castell can look back to a tradition of more than 250 years. All has started in Nuremberg with a pencil. Therefore, it is not surprising that for Faber Castell the perfect pencil became a mission and its distinguish mark.

The collection of writing instruments covers all technics of writing. You will find fountain pens, ball pens and roller balls, beside the pencils. The luxury line of writing instruments in labelled with the name “Graf von Faber-Castell”. Worth mentioning is also the concentration on wood as main material in many cases. This might be also a homage to the tradition of the perfect pencil. Like all excellent fountain pen producers do, Faber Castell is levelling the gold nips by hand.

Who is maintaining writing culture for such a long time, will not stop by producing writing instrument. Faber Castell is offering therefore marvellous writing accessories. For example, excellent leather etuis for fountain pens or in trays covered with leather for your desk.

Faber Castell has a great tradition and solidarity for writing, which they demonstrate every year with a limited edition “Pen of the Year”. With this series Faber Castell shows consistently its well-known craftsmanship and the taste, which is represented by Faber Castell.

Much more pictures and details about Graf von Faber-Castell and the collection of writing instruments can be found on their homepage.